Building a Foundation for the Overhead Press

Overhead pressing is a movement that can produce immense amounts of benefit, but only if the person pressing is ready for the movement.

If the scapula, ribs, pelvis, neck, etc are out of position the exercise can much more harm than good.

Learn how to build the proper mobility, stability, and strength to get all of the benefits of overhead pressing without any of the negatives.

If you like our videos on building a foundation for certain exercises you will LOVE our resource for building a foundation for all movements. Check out Building a Foundation to learn how to build a rock solid foundation from the ground up.

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Steve & Jared




  1. Great video.

    Just a question. you did not exactly cover from the exercises mentioned what are the indicators that a client is not ready for overhead pressing when doing the keetlebell overhead hold.

  2. Funny, we use those same progressions. Must be some smart trainers at Smart Group training :)

    I think overhead strength is so important at this point, mostly because having the ability to achieve a proper overhead position means so many things are happening properly from the core outward: rib cage position, breathing, t-spine mobility, scapular mobility and rotator cuff stability.

    • Good stuff J-Mark. I love overhead pressing for those who can. That’s why it’s so important to be able to make sure more people can go overhead safely. Thanks for the comment sir!

  3. Hi S& J ,

    Q ; in the reach backs you tell yr friend to breath in during flexion and to breath out in extension;
    I prefer the other way around, since this is not a strength exercise but more a mobility one ? To inhale in extension, in this position, while preventing the ribs from flaring out is more of an exercise than to do this in flexion..
    what do you guys think of this approach ?

    Kind regards ,

  4. Joe Rogers says:

    I like it. It reminds me of some Charlie Weingroff work. Have you guys squashed a foam roller between your legs while doing the t-spine mob?

    Worked pretty well for me and my more immobile clients…..

    Great vid.


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