No more sloppy pushups!!

One of the most basic, but butchered exercises in history is the push-up.

The problem is that most people can’t do good push-ups regardless of what you know about form. They just don’t’ have the stability and strength.

With this weeks video we break down the push-up pattern and give you some great corrective strategy to make sure your clients can knock out perfect pushups in order to get the most of out of the exercise without risk of developing more compensation and injury.

Check it out below!


Train Hard & Train Smart!

Steve & Jared




  1. Great video as usual. Though I know all of these things about the pushup it is great to watch a video like this. I need to improve on delivering corrective exercises at the right time. I also need to improve my explaining of why we are doing certain things. I will be implementing the 3 points of contact and squat rack pushups tomorrow. I have done them before but it has been a long time. Many of my clients will get better at pushups as a result of this. Bring on the t, plyo, and divebomers!

  2. Thank you guys for showing this, love your work. What if there is the “big sag between the stick and the low back” and you can’t physically move the hips into the right position?

    • We regress the exercise to a lower level or regress the position to kneeling, quadruped, or supine and try to gain pelvic tilt and lumbar control in that position first.

  3. Thank you for continuing to be a reliable and responsible source for fundamental movements and progressions. Planking position and push-up based movements are ones I am constantly looking to refine and prepare for in myself and my clients. I will definitely be incorporating soft-core rolls into prep for my Fitcamps and my dance and yoga classes. Such a simple concept, but so easily overlooked. You guys are great at what you do!

  4. Great video I alos have used these execisers and have found great results. I do have a question I am wondering how you would correct someone that hinges at the hips? The hip height form the floor stays the same they just hinge the torso. Thank you ….

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