Reachbacks and Cook Hip Lift LIVE

Two of our favorite go-to exercises are the reachback and cook hip lift.  Almost everyone can benefit from these two exercises. We often use these as corrective exercises or in a well-rounded warmup.

We were looking through some video recently, and found a really good clip from the footage. In this clip, Jared gives some great cues to make sure you are getting the most of those two exercises.

Check out some footage of one of our SGT Live Workshops and learn a how to coach the reachback and cook hip lift even better!


Train Hard & Train Smart!

Steve & Jared



  1. I think you have no idea. What are you trying to achieve with this exercise? I don’t think you know, unless you have
    the next stage of this move in mind to teach the proper form in incremental stages. Please tell me, because at this point
    I think you are clueless.Peter.

    • 1) Which exercise? There are two.

      2) I know exactly what I’m trying to achieve with both exercises. The point of this post is not to highlight progressions, but to highlight cueing for both exercises. We have a lot of information on this site that has progressions for specific movement patterns.

      Thanks for your friendly comment.

  2. Hi, have not seen this T-spine rotation done on forearm before. when done with straight arm, you can push through palm on floor to open chest and help increase more upper back rotation..your thoughts/reasoning?

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