Slowing Down

It makes me proud when I hear a client say something like “That’s enough for today, I’m only going to do half of the workout. I didn’t get any sleep last night”

Our clients know that their lifestyle outside of the gym affects their progress more than their training.

I put this video together where I quickly explain the most overlooked concept in the fitness industry →

Article mentioned in video:

Jim Laird


  1. Great! I’ve come to the same perspective as well over the many years. Glad to see this wise and positive trend growing.
    I appreciate your desire to give your clients the best guidance possible and your willingness to make the changes in your programming – and your business – necessary to do just that. I know that comes from integrity and takes courage.

    • Jared Woolever says:

      We’ve been on a journey to get better since the day we started. Slowing down and becoming more aware of the body has been a huge step in our programming and great results have been achieved. We’re always interested in improving our methods to achieve better results, and if that means a change within the business is necessary, we’re willing to ruffle a few feathers to make a change for the better :)

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