3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Optimal Breathing in Your Clients Training

So, you’ve read 5 Reason Why You Should Be Cuing Nasal Breathing with Your Clients. Now, how do you start incorporating it?

The first one is pretty obvious.

Start Cuing It!

Just slowly start doing it. Your clients might not even notice, and they’ll follow your lead. Hopefully you have curious clients like we do at J&M Strength and Conditioning. Encourage their questions! Educating your clients is extremely important. How else are you going to sell the concept of breathing like a 3 month old or convince them to roll around on the floor like a baby?

Optimal Breathing 1

Many of my clients work on nasal breathing throughout their training regardless of whether I cue it or not. They know how optimal it is. They know that when they nasal breathe they will be able to recover faster from one set to another. They understand that when they’re mouth breathing, they’re over-breathing, which will cause their heart rate to go up.

Once I had a client throw out her gum because she was having trouble recovering from one exercise to the next. Chewing gum had been causing her to breathe through her mouth the entire time. As soon as she threw it out and started breathing through her nose, she noticed she was able to recover a lot faster.

I’ve also printed articles for clients to read. In a perfect world every client would read them, but, I would say about 50% actually do, which is still pretty awesome!

Optimal Breathing 2


So, start cuing it! If they ask? Educate themJ.

Putting up articles and information on social media helps too!

“Long Neck”

I yell out “long neck” like 500 times an hour. Okay, maybe not that much, but it feels like I do. Neck position can seriously affect someone’s airway. When the airway is restricted most people end up opening their mouths.

Cue long neck in every position, even when people are doing exercises in supine. We do A LOT of things in supine, especially with new clients.

Use a small pillow.

This is are awesome client Gary

Optimal Breathing 3

I can cue “long neck” until I’m blue in the face, but, some people just have a difficult time getting their neck in a neutral position. This leaves their air ways strained and compressed. When I see this, I imagine their airway feeling like this…

Optimal Breathing 4

Giving these clients a small pillow will help their airways to feel a lot better 🙂

Optimal Breathing 5

It can make a huge difference!

Optimal Breathing 6

Your client’s airways will thank you!!

End Every Training Session with It!

Optimal Breathing 7

The last thing I want to do is send a client out the door huffing and puffing after pushing 400 lbs on the prowler.

I want to kick start their recovery, let them relax, and get that parasympathetic nervous system turned on.

I won’t let them walk out without getting down on the floor and giving me 20-30 nasal breaths. I’ve found it works well to drape a chain across their belly or back and have them push against the chain.

You can also end with some mobility work like Open-book or bretzel while nasal breathing.

It’s THAT simple. If you’re already using Smart Group Training in your programing, you’ve always set yourself up to be the best in your area. Now start cuing nasal breathing 🙂

Lucy Hendricks