Active Straight Leg Raise – Performing and Scoring the FMS

Although getting FMS certified is the best way to learn the  active straight leg raise and the FMS, we understand that some people want to learn more about it before making the commitment.  With this series we will show you each movement on the Functional Movement Screen so that you have an idea of how the Functional Movement Screen is done.  If you want more information on the FMS check out or

With our first installment of Performing and Scoring the Functional Movement Screen we have the Active Straight Leg Raise. 

The active straight leg raise is the first movement that needs to be corrected on the FMS movement hierarchy so this is where we will start.

Each week we will release a new video with each movement on the screen, followed by a series of how to red light movements based on the FMS, and corrective stategies to get your clients from Red Light exercises to Green Light exercises, this will be HUGE for people that are want to use, or are currently using , the Functional Movement Screen.

So stay tuned for much more info an how to use the FMS, and how to incorporate the results into your small and large group training. This is something that we are truly passionate about, and love to teach to others.

If you want more information right now, we recommend two great resources.

To learn more about the Functional Movement Systems philosophies check out

If you want to learn specifically about how to incorporate the FMS into your group training systems, we have created a product based around how to get you to do just that in 7 days or less! Check it out by click the link.

The FMS is the best way to make sure you are training your groups smart, and by using it you are helping get the industry on the same page as to what to look for in movement patterns.

Let us know if you have questions about the active straight leg raise, the FMS or Smart Group Training, we are here to help!