Active Straight Leg Raise Progressions – Red to Green Series

It’s great to know how to perform and score the FMS, but what do you do after the screen is finished? With our newest video series we have the “Red to Green” series.

After you screen someone and find 1’s you have two choices. Avoid it, or correct it.  This series is a guide to help you clear those 1’s and give your clients the green light on patterns that currently have dysfunction.

Active Straight Leg Raise Corrective Exercise

We want to make sure that everyone knows, that these exercises are just a guide.  The best corrective exercise is the exercise that clears the dysfunction, so use what you know. These are exercises that have worked for us and many others, so give them a shot, to see if they work for you.

With our first video in the “Red to Green” series, we bring you the Active Straight Leg Raise.

When someone scores a 1 on the active straight leg raise, we red light the majority of lower body movements.  Honestly, if someone can’t stabilize their core while extending one hip and flexing the other, they shouldn’t be running and doing powerful hip dominant movements.  So things like deadlifts, RDL’s, swings, cleans, etc or red lighted until this pattern is cleared.

GOOD NEWS! The active straight leg raise pattern is typically really easy to clear! Watch the video below to learn how we clean up 90% of active straight leg raise 1’s.