An Introduction Into The Postural Restoration Institute


Over the past decade, outside of the Functional Movement Systems (FMS, SFMA, Y-Balance), the Postural Restoration Institute, or PRI for short, has been another system or methodology we’ve adopted into our training programs.  We don’t go all crazy with PRI specific correctives, unless specifically told to do so by our trusted resource, Nancy Hammond.  However, we do look into posture and how people are positioned, and PRI helped us understand how to look at people and gave us a better understanding of what anatomy and position should look like to be in neutral.


We recently had Nancy come into our gym to give our team a brief overview of what PRI is and why it matters in the training world.  Long story short…it’s all about position.  If you’re in the right positions, you’re going to move better and minimize compensation.  Check out the in-service and open your eyes to the world of “left-stance.”

I’ll be breaking out how we use this info in our gym and in our training in some upcoming articles, but let’s start with the in-service.



As a PRI certified physical therapist, Nancy Hammond can help you address your pain, perform better and/or prevent injury. After graduating from St Louis University as a physical therapist over 20 years ago, she has helped many patients achieve their goals. She sees PRI as the “missing tool in her toolbox”. Nancy utilizes PRI to discover “why” clients’ pain exists and address its root cause. She has a passionate interest in the science of postural restoration.

Nancy Hammond

As an avid marathon runner, she has personally benefitted and experienced firsthand how system balance improves performance. In addition, PRI has enabled her to empower clients to take control of their health, so they understand how movement patterns can help prevent injury. Finally, as a mom of four active boys, PRI helps her appreciate that balance means more than managing busy lives. It also means understanding that every change (e.g., gait, braces, glasses, physical environment, puberty) impacts the harmony of their growing bodies.


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