Better is Better

by Dean Carlson

"That was a great workout coach!"

"We really got after it today!"

"Love it when we sweat like that!"

It’s kinda funny. I hear those kind of comments far more often than I will hear something like:

"That nasal breathing really helped me focus today"

"Love doing those hip flexor mobs"


"Boy when we get in there with that hip scrubbing it makes all the difference in the world"

And that is what I kind of expect, particularly from newer students to our training facilities, because let’s face it, 99% of us figure if we feel trashed coming out of the gym then we must be getting better, right?

I’ll give you the same answer I give to most questions.

It Depends.

More is not necessarily better. Sweatier is not necessarily better. Dragging yourself off the floor and staggering out of the gym is probably never better.

Better is better.

You will see it over and over on this site.

Quality of movement always trumps quantity of movement.

Now don’t get me wrong. At Get Fit NH we train hard. We just don’t train dumb.

Loading poor movement patterns leads to injury, and injury is bad for your clients and bad for your business. If clients are injured they cannot train. If they aren’t training with you they aren’t paying you. And if they aren’t paying you, you don’t have a business.

My number one goal with a client is not to get them stronger, faster or leaner. My number one goal is to keep them from getting injured. It is only then we can create the outcomes we want.

Now I am guessing if you are taking the time to be on this site that you are a good coach who is always looking to get better. You probably also want the great client outcomes that lead to having a better business.

That is what led me to the FMS, and to Smart Group Training in particular. Our business had a gap that needed to be filled. All my coaches are FMS certified, but we always struggled with making that real world application. At our facilities each one of my coaches may see over 50 or 60 students a day, each with different needs. A coach might need to step in as a substitute and not know the student as well as their primary coach.

My burden as the training director was this:

How do I ensure to the best of our ability that every student is getting what they need every time they walk into our facilities, regardless of the time of day or who was coaching them?

The answer was Smart Group Training.

Smart Group Training

Now don’t get me wrong. Implementing SGT correctly takes time, strategy and hard work. It means admitting that there is a better way of doing things, and then educating both your coaches and your clients. It is a process, but it is well worth it. It gives a confidence to both your team and your client that you care, you know what you are doing, and there is a systemized way of moving and feeling better.

I am convinced that those facilities who do not implement strategies such as SGT are going to be left behind, and soon. Right now we are in a cycle of "smash ’em" and it going to catch up with us as an industry if we don’t do something about it. I am dedicated to my clients, and I am also dedicated to helping build an army of physical preparation coaches who care about the industry and want to see it get better.

You in?

Dean Carlson

Dean Carlson
Owner – Get Fit NH