Bootcamp in a Box – Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is one of the best fitness and performance professionals in the industry. Luckily, we have had the privilege of being closely mentored by Mike, so we can tell you from experience that if this man talks you should listen!  Mike has co-created a new product called Bootcamp in a Box and we have reviewed it and LOVE IT. Check out this amazing guest post form Mike below.


You are obviously an above-average trainer.

How do I know this?

Without meeting you?

Or knowing anything about you?

Easy – you’re making an effort to learn from smart people. Trust me, Steve and Jared know their stuff.

Smart Group Training is what we try and do at IFAST on a bigger scale.

If you’ve never heard of IFAST before, we take our semi-private and personal training clients through a detailed, 1-on-1 assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

I firmly believe the more quality information I have at my fingertips about a client, the better workout I can write them.

Group training or bootcamp is no different – an assessment is an immediate game changer.

The difference with a large group format is scale.

Quite simply, you don’t have time to take someone through an incredibly detailed, 1-on-1 assessment.

By using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), you have immediate feedback on the core competencies of a client, including what they should (and should not!) be doing.

But then what?

Safe and effective group exercise is more than just red-lighting certain exercises, or removing elements from a program.

At the end of the day, most bootcamp clients show up on your doorstep because they want to change their body.

Build muscle.

Lose fat.

Or even to feel athletic again.

Molly Galbraith, Jim Laird and myself created Bootcamp in a Box because we wanted to change the way people run bootcamps.

Rather than going in each and every day on a mission to crush their clients, we want bootcamp owners to understand that smart programming can make their clients move and feel better, while simultaneously helping them achieve their physique-related goals.

It’s a big goal, but I think we’re up to the task 😉

This is why Bootcamp in a Box and Smart Group Training are a match made in heaven.

With SGT, you know what exercises are red-lighted, and immediately have corrective strategies to improve those core movements or competencies.

Then you take the 6-months of done-for-you programming from BCIB, with all the progressions, regressions and coaching cues we’ve developed, and you have a really, truly powerful bootcamp program.

One that will not only kick your clients’ butts (in a safe way), but help them move and feel better to boot.

Bootcamp in a Box is on sale for $197 this week only, which is $100 off the suggested retail price.

If you’re serious about taking your bootcamp to the next level, pick up a copy of Bootcamp in a Box today!

All the best