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Do You Strip?


If you breathe out of your mouth or have ever struggled with breathing during physical exercise, you will definitely need to listen. And if you have never heard of the importance of conscious breathing while training, this article could make a dramatic improvement in your movement quality and performance.

Breathing has been a hot topic buzz word for the past few years. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on how we should breathe. If you’re anything like me, I don’t care who is right, I just want consistent information that is going to help my clients and me get results the fastest most efficient way possible.

Like every exercise, it’s always super easy to make things harder. But the real genius comes with the regressions. To me there is nothing more regressed than taking in a breath. It’s the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die. You will take hundreds of millions of breaths in a lifetime. Are they making you healthier or are they sending you to an early grave? Dun…Dun…Dun!

Better is Better

by Dean Carlson

"That was a great workout coach!"

"We really got after it today!"

"Love it when we sweat like that!"

It’s kinda funny. I hear those kind of comments far more often than I will hear something like:

"That nasal breathing really helped me focus today"

"Love doing those hip flexor mobs"


"Boy when we get in there with that hip scrubbing it makes all the difference in the world"

And that is what I kind of expect, particularly from newer students to our training facilities, because let’s face it, 99% of us figure if we feel trashed coming out of the gym then we must be getting better, right?

I’ll give you the same answer I give to most questions.

Slowing Down

It makes me proud when I hear a client say something like “That’s enough for today, I’m only going to do half of the workout. I didn’t get any sleep last night”

Our clients know that their lifestyle outside of the gym affects their progress more than their training.

I put this video together where I quickly explain the most overlooked concept in the fitness industry →