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Correcting the FMS – Red to Green Series

Kettlebell Corrective Exercise: Deep Squat

Check out this kettlebell corrective exercise clip from our newest resource SGT with Kettlebells. We start at ankle mobility and work into some great squat patterning exercises. These are some of our “go to” deep squat correctives.


SGT with Kettlebells is packed with ways to incorporate kettlebells into a Smart Group Training Program. From corrective exercises to strength and power, it is all covered.

Plus, we teamed up with kettlebell expert Pamela MacElree to help make this resource even more amazing.

You can learn more about SGT with Kettlebells below.

Overhead Deep Squat – Red to Green Series

The overhead deep squat is the last movement that we would correct in the FMS hierarchy. Typically, unless there is an underlying mobility issue we can pattern the squat very quickly.

Check out the video below on the overhead deep squat to see how we build the squat pattern, and then add strength and power.

If you need some tips on performing and scoring the overhead deep squat or any of the screens on the FMS check out our series below.

Performing and Scoring the Functional Movement Screen

In Line Lunge – Red to Green Series

With this video we show you how to build the lunge pattern from the ground up. If someone scores a 1 on the In Line Lunge Screen its important to make sure that they aren’t doing much single leg work. Especially all lunge variations.

Click the link below to learn how to perform and score the In Line Lunge on the Functional Movement Screen

The video below shows some really great progressions on how to build the 1 into a functional lunge pattern.