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Building a Foundation for the Overhead Press

Overhead pressing is a movement that can produce immense amounts of benefit, but only if the person pressing is ready for the movement.

If the scapula, ribs, pelvis, neck, etc are out of position the exercise can much more harm than good.

Learn how to build the proper mobility, stability, and strength to get all of the benefits of overhead pressing without any of the negatives.

If you like our videos on building a foundation for certain exercises you will LOVE our resource for building a foundation for all movements. Check out Building a Foundation to learn how to build a rock solid foundation from the ground up.

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Train Hard & Train Smart!

Steve & Jared



No more sloppy pushups!!

One of the most basic, but butchered exercises in history is the push-up.

The problem is that most people can’t do good push-ups regardless of what you know about form. They just don’t’ have the stability and strength.

With this weeks video we break down the push-up pattern and give you some great corrective strategy to make sure your clients can knock out perfect pushups in order to get the most of out of the exercise without risk of developing more compensation and injury.

Check it out below!


Train Hard & Train Smart!

Steve & Jared



Breaking Down the Kettlebell Swing

Last week we had some great feedback on our video on breaking down the squat. We are really happy that people liked it because we have 3 more in the series for you!

This week we break down one of our favorite exercises, the kettlebell swing.

Check out the video below to learn how to properly perform the swing, asses the movement, and build a solid pattern to ensure the best results possible from this amazing exercise!


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