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Reachbacks and Cook Hip Lift LIVE

Two of our favorite go-to exercises are the reachback and cook hip lift.  Almost everyone can benefit from these two exercises. We often use these as corrective exercises or in a well-rounded warmup.

We were looking through some video recently, and found a really good clip from the footage. In this clip, Jared gives some great cues to make sure you are getting the most of those two exercises.

Check out some footage of one of our SGT Live Workshops and learn a how to coach the reachback and cook hip lift even better!

The Canadian Journey to Smarter Group Training and the “Better Jar”

Johnny Fukumoto

A guest post by Johnny Fukumoto

In the quest for “better” group fitness training (meaning to us: safer, smarter, more effective and fun), our ‘fit family’ as we like to call them has kept an open mind over the past few years as we’ve thrust upon them many new concepts, that at times have gone against the grain.

Around 4 years ago, we taught people how to foam roll and it has become a staple at our gym that now carries with it, a sense of necessity in terms of preparing the body’s tissue for work or recovery. And people loved it! (in a love-hate sort of way that many of you will understand).

3 years ago, we started really digging into proper progressions (and more importantly in my opinion, regressions) for our group program so that every participant had a movement level that was appropriate for them. None of this, “Ok, everyone do 100 burpees with tuck jumps and pushups and then 100 squats…” kind of thing where the only guarantee is that someone would eventually get hurt. I actually became friends with Steve at a small event that was dedicated to this philosophy.  At this time, he was really digging into the stuff that the SGT guys are known for today.

Explaining the FMS to a group of “Boot Campers”

If you’re a coach and working with large groups of people, boot camps specifically, explaining the FMS and screening process is a vital skill to have. Incorporating a movement screen into a group training class can seem like a daunting task, but its honestly really easy. You just need to be prepared to answer the questions you’re going to get.

Most boot camp clients are there for results and don’t really care about anything but good ole fashioned hard work. This is where we step in and start educating our clients that quality vs. quantity will always prevail. Sure…quantity and hard work get results. I’m not sitting here and trying to say it doesn’t. However, when we keep stacking quantity on a dysfunctional pattern, we’re just setting ourselves up for failure.

Here is an article to use for your clients that need a little convincing to “buy in” to the Smart Group Training System and using the Functional Movement Screen.