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SGT Bracelet System

The SGT Bracelet System could quite possibly be the best idea I’ve ever had. Well, at least when it comes to large group program design.

The bracelet system is something that Dan John said “has figured out the problem with group training”, and something that has helped hundreds of trainers across the world organize and enhance their group training.

So what is the SGT Bracelet System?

Simply put, it’s a way to quickly identify your clients limitations by looking a their wrists. Let me explain.

SGT Bracelet System

Incorporating Breathing and Posture in to Real World Training

Breathing is a really hot topic in the fitness industry right now and for good reason. There is a lot of different information out there on the topic, and a lot of trainers are really confused on what to look for and how to incorporate breathing into real world programming.

I’ve been studying breathing pretty extensively over the last 4-5 years from some of the industries leading experts and feel I have just started to scratch the surface of what is possible with restorative breathing. Although the topic can be very deep I think what a lot of us just need to know the basic fundamentals of how breathing applies to your training programs.

The video below is an in-service that I did for the staff at Complete Fitness Results in St. Louis MO.  You will see how I went over the basics of checking breathing and posture in the 4 basic positions and some exercises that you can use to help progress your clients breathing patterns and posture.


How to Personalize Group Training

If you’ve been following Smart Group Training for any time, you should know that we are all about individualizing training rather than providing a watered down program by creating a WOD (workout of the Day).  Sure, you can get benefits and results by creating a general workout template to put everyone on.  However, without customizing each routine, injury rates will increase, results will be minimized, plateaus will be harder to break, and overall…the training will be sub-par.

It’s been our mission over the past four years to provide something better.  We want to provide each of our clients the absolute best training program available.  We quickly realized that using a general workout template just wasn’t cutting it for us, so we decided to put our heads together and make some changes.  It took countless hours to develop the systems needed to make this happen, but honestly…it’s not that hard if you break it down into a series of processes that need to be followed to maximize results.  This simple process works in all scenarios.  It works in one-on-one, semi-private training, and most importantly…group training.  The reason why we say “most importantly” when it comes to group training is because this is the area we always see general workout templates, or WOD’s, being used.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Here is a general guideline to follow to individualize each program you write:


Individualized Screening – As the popular saying goes, “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”  We are asked all the time about specific scenarios and what we would do to “fix” or help a client progress.  The 1st thing we want to know is screening information.  Without us personally knowing what is going on with the client, it makes it impossible to help the client.  The screen will identify each person’s weaknesses and strengths.  Work on the weaknesses and dysfunctions and everything else gets better.  However, you’ll never really know this information without a proper screening system in place.