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Hurdle Step – Red to Green Series

With this next video in our Red to Green series, we bring you the Hurdle Step.  The hurdle step screen is just another way to check if a client can flex one hip while simultaneously keeping good extension on the opposite hip. We checked this in supine position with the active straight leg raise, but now we are checking to see if this can be done with control of the trunk in the standing position.

When someone has a 1 on the hurdle step screen, we red light things in a single leg standing position, sprinting and step ups on a high box. Luckily they won’t have to be red lighted very long, check out the video below to find out how to build the hurdle step  pattern into a clean functional movement.

For more information on how to perform and score the hurdle step screen, click below.

Trunk Stability Push Up – Red to Green Series

The trunk stability push up is one of the most common 1’s that we see on the Functional Movement Screen. It is also something we see much more in women than in men. Most times when someone scores a 1 on the Trunk Stability Push Up, they lack the timing to fire their “outer” or “hard” core. Some circumstances just require more core strength.

When someone scores a 1 on the Trunk Stability Push Up we red light any pushup variation from the floor and any high level push up variation. We use many different exercises to correct the Trunk Stability Push Up, and we have recorded some of our favorites below.

If you need help learning how to perform and score the Trunk Stability Push Up click the link below.

Check out this video to learn some of our go to correctives for the Trunk Stability Push Up

Overhead Deep Squat – Performing and Scoring the FMS

The overhead deep squat is one of the most commonly used screens or assesments used in the fitness industry.  Many people look at in different ways, but the FMS makes it simple. Learn how to perform the overhead deep squat, and quickly score it below.

Remember, the overhead deep squat is the LAST movement you would correct on the functional movement screen, so don’t start out trying to fix this movement if there are other 1’s on the screen. Fix anything else first

Check out our upcoming series called “Red to Green” to learn how to correct the movements on the FMS, and get your clients more efficient and injury free as possible.