The Smart Group Training Certification

Finally, a Certification specifically designed to position you as your market’s premier group personal training specialist.

As a professional who wants to deliver World Class training in a group setting, you have unique needs, face unique challenges and pursue unique goals.  The Smart Group Training Certification will give you the knowledge and skillset designed specifically to coach clients in a group environment and deliver consistently great results with your clients more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

If you can individually optimize your programming for each of your clients while still working in a group setting, you’ve done the most powerful thing possible to deliver a high value, completely differentiated training program and separate yourself from the competition.

Too often group training is watered down, one-size-fits-all workouts where making the clients tired is the goal so that the trainer can mask the fact that they’re not truly making the clients better.

And let’s face facts. Anyone can make someone tired.

As a true fitness professional, you expect more from the programs you’re designing and implementing with your clients. You expect those clients to get the results that they each seek as individuals. To move better. Look better. Feel better. And every client comes to you with not only their own unique set of goals, but also their own unique set of challenges and limitations as well.

But individualizing programming to fit the needs of dozens or even possibly hundreds of clients that you’re coaching in group training environments is a daunting challenge.

How do you program the right correctives for each person?

How can you make sure that each client is doing the right progression for them for each individual movement?

How do you stay on top of ensuring that they all are improving and progressing toward their own individual goals?

And probably the toughest question…how do you stay on top of it all?

The system to help you accomplish that?

The Smart Group Training Certification.

The Smart Group Training Certification – An Overview

The Smart Group Training Certification (CSGT) is comprehensive screening and programming educational protocol designed for use by fitness professionals, who want to deliver extraordinary, individually optimized programming in a group training environment.


  • Covers what REAL group personal training should look like and exactly how you can evolve from delivering workouts to individually optimized training sessions.
  • Addresses programming from the initial FMS protocol and program design to coaching progressions and the SGT client management system.
  • Details program design considerations for a variety of training variables and client goals.
  • Instructs you how to actually coach the SGT system with coaching cues and the art of coaching for maximum effectiveness.
  • Covers the SGT 5 Elements of Training. (Screening, Red Lights, Correctives, Progressions, and Overdelivering.)
  • Teaches you strategies on how correct dysfunctional patterns quickly and seamlessly within group setting.
  • Being FMS Certified is a pre-requisite for Certification.
  • The SGT Certification will be delivered in a live, 2-day setting to provide the optimal hands on learning environment to master the SGT System.
  • Practical Exam where you illustrate an ability to apply the SGT System. No ‘rubber stamp Certifications.’
  • Exclusive launch price!  Choose from one-time payment of $399.95 only for those getting this exclusive launch offer.
  • Exclusive launch enrollment.  The SGT Certification will be held on November 4-5th 2017, and will be limited to 12 participants.
The Certification: Practical, Individualized, Effective Programming Education for Fitness Professionals.

The Smart Group Training Certification empowers you to deliver individually optimized programming to each and every one of your clients in a group training environment. This ‘best in class’ certification’s practical information, strategies, and hands on education prepare you to immediately improve the results you deliver to your clients.

You’ll first learn the methodology behind the one-of-a-kind Smart Group Training System.

Next you’ll apply the SGT System in a hands-on environment to become proficient and ultimately master this game changing approach to training.

Then, to tie all of this together you’ll be taken through a practical exam where you will display your newfound skills and earn the Certified SGT credential.

When it comes to utilizing the FMS and applying your findings to individually optimize programming in a group training setting, the Smart Group Training Certification covers it in detail.

There is no other Certification like this. Nothing addresses programming for and coaching clients in a group training setting like the Smart Group Training Certification does.

Why The Smart Group Training Certification?

The Smart Group Training Certification was developed to address one of the most glaring and obvious needs in our profession.

Group training has become the most popular format for fitness professionals to deliver their services to clients for a variety of reasons ranging from cost to social support. As fitness professionals we’re charged with delivering the results our clients need, want and deserve if whatever format we provide our services. Our careers and our businesses depend on it.

The ‘Personal’ Advantage

In our profession, the simplest way to help a client achieve their goals is to thoroughly screen them using the Functional Movement Screen and combine the knowledge gained through that process with a personal discovery of the clients need and wants to develop a clear, personalized path to help them achieve the exact things they sought us out for initially.

This personalized approach is our biggest competitive advantage over the variety of other fitness solutions available to our prospects and clients.

Training Is Not Enough

Simply delivering a one-size-fits-all training program to your group-training clients isn’t enough, no matter how good it is. There is no single, ‘magic’ program that addresses every client’s limitations, meets them where they are and moves them toward their goals.

There are no shortage of bootcamps, group exercise classes, CrossFit programs and other ‘general’ group training offerings, but all of them ask the client to ‘fit’ themselves into the program rather than optimizing the program for each client.

If you want to deliver the best solution for your clients and you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to be able to deliver a personalized solution in a group training setting.

You know this, but where do you go to learn how to do it?

A Complete Blueprint

When we originally developed the Smart Group Training system, it was out of necessity. We believed in the FMS and the value it provided to both our coaches and to the clients they served. But our businesses were primarily group training focused and it made no sense and went against our core values to only deliver programming based on the FMS findings to a small segment of our clientele.

So through thousands of hours of trial and error, the Smart Group Training system was born.

After using the SGT system in our own gyms for over 32,000 sessions we began sharing it with other fitness professionals to help them deliver better results to their own clients and to differentiate themselves from the ever-growing number of bootcamps and other group based offerings.

Based on their success we developed a series of products teaching parts of the SGT system so that high quality fitness professionals around the world could benefit from this Best in Class training formula, with the last count of over 1300 fitness pros using SGT methods in their programs.

The Smart Group Training Certification

However, until now we didn’t offer a comprehensive solution for a fitness professional to learn the SGT System from beginning to end and apply it in a supervised environment to ensure their proficiency.

That’s why this Certification was developed. To address that need and give you the comprehensive education and skill set you need to use the SGT system to deliver better results to your clients and separate your business from the competition.

We want to make certain that you have the tools you need to be the best group training solution in your area.

The Smart Group Training Certification can make that a reality.

About the Smart Group Training Certification

You got an overview of the Certification at the top of the page. Here’s more detail about what you’re going to gain by becoming a Certified Smart Group Training practitioner.

This Credential is a product of years of innovation and current research. The Smart Group Training Certification combines:

The Power of The Functional Movement Screen Utilized In A Group Training Setting.

You know the FMS as the premier screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality. But until Smart Group Training, there was no true method for applying the benefits of this powerful tool to a group-training program. Smart Group Training solves that problem.

Hands-On, Practical Education.

You’ll participate in a live, hands-on Certification so that you not only learn the system, but you’re completely empowered to use it. You’ll spend two full days learning and practicing the FMS System so that when you return to your own clients you’re completely prepared to provide them with the world’s best best group training solution.

Proven Programming.

The Smart Group Training system is not textbook theory. It’s been proven through over 32,000 training sessions in our own facilities and countless more sessions in facilities around the globe.

You’re gaining access to an actual, proven training system designed by fitness professionals just like you to empower you to better serve your own clients and improve your own business.



Who Should Get Smart Group Training Certified?

Any Coach or Fitness Professional who trains clients in groups and wants to utilize the FMS to better serve their clients should become Smart Group Training Certified.

This Credential specifically addresses the needs of today’s group training programs:

  • Clients are increasingly looking for group based programs rather than one-on-one training but still want the same benefits that one-on-one training provides.
  • The prevalence of group training programs has led to watered down, one-size-fits-all programming that often bears more resemblance to health club group exercise programs than to true personal training.
  • Efforts to fit clients into one-size-fits all programming have led to more injuries and limited client results…resulting in lost clients and revenue.
  • With competition increasing constantly, the need to provide a different and better solution is more critical than ever before.

If you’re training in a group environment, you’re dealing with these considerations and many others. The Smart Group Training Certification will better equip you to help your clients reach their goals and help you reach yours.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming SGT Certified?

There are a number of benefits to becoming SGT Certified, including:

 red_check The ability to develop and deliver the right individually optimized programming to maximize the results of your clients regardless of limitation or goal.
 red_check Positioning as a ‘higher quality’ fitness professional that treats clients as individuals and doesn’t simply host paid workouts.
 red_check The confidence that your programming is based on real world evidence and specifically designed to maximize the results of each of your clients as individuals.
 red_check A tool to improve your business or career by allowing you to differentiate your service from the abundance of group training based offerings in your area.
 red_check The ability to maximize results and minimize injury in the clients you serve.
 red_check Separating yourself from all other trainers in your area, with the training knowledge and skill set that comes with being a Smart Group Training Certified professional- this will help you become the premium group training offering in your market.


While there are many other benefits to becoming an Smart Group Training Certified, the bottom line is this…it will make you better at what you do, and it allows you to better help the clients you serve.





What Is The Format For The Smart Group Training Certification?

When you enroll in the Smart Group Training Certification, you’ll join us for a 2-Day Live Certification Event for the following:

The 5 Elements of Training – (screening, red-lighting, custom correctives, progressions/regressions, and overdelivery).

Review of the FMS – We’ll answer all the nitty-gritty questions related to the screen to ensure we’re all accurate with the screen and results.

FMS Screening – EVERYONE will be getting a screen so we can learn how to develop a program specific for YOU. We will use this info later to help ensure application of screening results to develop the best program possible.

FMS Breakouts – We’ll be covering the FMS hierarchy, what to fix first, and simple breakout assessments that will help pin-point the exact correctives and strength building exercises needed to maximize performance and results.

Fine-Tuning Corrective Exercise – We’ll cover the minute details with our corrective exercise selections. This is a make or break session. Perform the exercise slightly wrong, and you’re results will show. This session will make your correctives be much more effective and actually work.

Red-to-Green – We’ll cover everything from correctives designed to improve movement patterns to the highest levels of strength, power, and performance. This session will teach you EXACTLY what progression you or your clients should be using to enhance results.

How to WOW your Clients – This session will be designed to improve the way your clients feel about your program. We’ll cover everything from how to deal w/ a new potential client on day one to keeping your long time members staying and paying!

Putting it All Together – This interactive case-study portion will help ensure you know EXACTLY how to apply the 5 elements into your programs. We will help show you how to easily implement this system on your return home.

Comprehensive Examination – We will be testing you after the completion of the course. In order to become SGT Certified (CSGT), you must demonstrate the knowledge and be able to apply it to developing world-class programs for your clients!

Register Now And Join Us On November 4-5th, 2017 To Become Smart Group Training Certified

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Smart Group Training Certification FAQ


How thorough is the Smart Group Training Certification?

Very. Upon completion of the Certification course you’ll have a detailed understanding of both why the Smart Group Training system works and how to apply it with your group training programs.

Will there be multiple levels of Credentials?

Yes, two. The Smart Group Training Certification and a Smart Group Training Licensed Facility.

This course comprises the Smart Group Training Certification.

Most fitness professionals will stop at that level. They will be more educated and empowered to develop and deliver successful, high quality group training programs than 99% of fitness professionals worldwide.

We will soon be opening an exclusive Smart Group Training Licensed Facility program for those who complete the Certification. This will be an advanced curriculum and professionals who ascend to this level will have a depth of knowledge and expertise attained by only a handful of fitness professionals.

Is the Smart Group Training program accredited by one of the national education boards?

No, it’s not accredited by any of the national education boards. This Certification is what would be considered a Specialty Certification, designed to deeply develop your understanding of developing and implementing optimized programming in a group training setting. That sort of specialized curriculum is not generally accredited.

How does the Certification process work?

At the conclusion of the 2-Day Course you will go through a hands-on, practical exam to display how you can implement the SGT system from A-Z. Upon displaying this proficiency you will gain the Smart Group Training Certified credential.

Do I have to be FMS Certified as a prerequisite for this Certification?

Yes. In order to pursue the Smart Group Training Certification you must be FMS Certified.

Will I have to get recertified every few years or take continuing education credits to maintain my status?

The Smart Group Training Certification is valid for 2 years. To maintain your credential you must either attend another SGT Certification event or one of the other SGT Practitioner level offerings.

The Smart Group Training Guarantee

We’re very confident that this is far and away the best Certification for group training focused professionals who want to optimize their programming and deliver individualized solutions for their clients in a group setting.

So as with everything we do, the certification is 100% guaranteed. You can participate in the Certification event and if for whatever reason it’s not for you, just tell us before the Certification event concludes and we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next:

Registration for the upcoming Smart Group Training Certification event is easy and can be done online by clicking the “Register Now” button at the bottom of this page.

Upon successful enrollment, we’ll be in touch shortly with details on hotels, airport, directions, and other important things you’ll need to know to be prepared for the event.

That’s it. Then on November 4-5th you’ll join us here in St. Louis to gain your Smart Group Training Certification.

The Smart Group Training Certification will separate you from the masses of group training programs and allow you to be the only professional in your area who delivers an individually optimized group training solution.

This is your opportunity to improve what you do and allow you to better help the clients you serve.

Register to become Smart Group Training Certified Today.

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Train Smart!

~ Steve and Jared