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NEW Done-For-You Group Personal Training Bootcamp Program Makes Life Super-Easy For Fitness Professionals While Producing Life-Changing Results for Clients…

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Introducing Smart Group Training 365…

SGT 365 Pic


Dear Fitness Professional,

Normally I’m not quite this “in your face” about things, but I’m just going to come right out and say it…

Every fitness professional that runs a bootcamp or group personal training program absolutely, positively, without question needs to add SGT 365 to their exercise & training library!

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Today Only $299.95
3 Monthly Payments of $67

**I understand that by clicking the “Yes! Add To My Order” button above I am agreeing to be purchase
Smart Group Training 365 for 3 monthly installments of $67 (a savings of over $98!)**


Now, for those who need to know a little more, I’ve got all the details for you, but first let me share some feedback we’ve received back from our mastermind members who’ve previewed SGT 365:

“Having a done-for-me solution like SGT 365… makes my life so much easier”

“I’m totally psyched about SGT 365! I take my group personal training bootcamp programming extremely seriously; I literally lay it out a year in advance.  As you can imagine, this takes a tremendous amount of time.

Having a done-for-me solution like SGT 365 that I completely believe in makes my life so much easier as a business owner focused on growth and profit – you know how crazy-busy it is!

I’d want anyone reading this testimonial to know that I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Steve & Jared for the past couple years.  I’ve studied their training programs and systems in great depth and have incorporated them into my own business – with rave reviews from my clients, I should add.

I actually remember the night I was sitting in the lobby of The Brown Hotel, and I asked them if they could just make my life really easy by giving me a years worth of plug & play workouts.  ;-b

Well, here it is – SGT 365.  Twelve phases (1.5 years of programming for me) of group personal training bootcamp workouts completely laid out with “red lights,” progressions, exercise videos and descriptions.

I’m one happy camper!”  🙂

Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMS
President & Chief Fitness Officer
Chanhassen Fitness Revolution


“A complete done for you group training system that anyone can follow”

Steve and Jared are doing great things for the fitness industry with Smart Group Training. One of the biggest drawbacks of large group training, despite the effectiveness, is the difficult nature of assessing and individualizing the program for each client’s specific needs.  This can lead to ineffective programs, poor results, and even high injury rates. 

Smart Group Training takes this complicated topic and makes a complete done for you group training system that anyone can follow.  Steve and Jared have both clearly spent countless hours developing their system that you can now implement and become a real game changer for you and your clients.

If you want to set yourself apart and deliver the best group training experiences for your clients, look no further, Steve and Jared have done it all for you with Smart Group Training.

Mike Reinold
World Renowned Physical Therapist and Fitness Expert, MikeReinold.com


“This product will be a game changer for your business!”

Steve and Jared are two guys I’ve helped mentor for years. Not only are they taking the industry to the next level, but I think this product will be a game changer for your business!

When you combine the FMS assesment with correctives and smart programming, you have a large group program that rivals most 1-on-1 or semi-private settings.

Quite simply, this product is going to help you create better programs in less time. Enough said!

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW
President, Robertson Training Systems
Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training


“Highly recommended”

We have been integrating SGT into our training systems over the last few months, and the benefits to our clients and coaching team have been tremendous. Our coaches are now on the same page regarding the proper correctives and progressions for our clients based on the individual FMS screening. The client is now more educated and has a better understanding of the big picture of their training. They understand they are not just “working out”, but there is a training plan customized for them, even in the group setting, to help them get better. Moving better, feeling better, and looking better. SGT has helped simplify our systems and allowed us to coach more effectively.

SGT 365 takes this to the next level. While we will continue to customize our programming for our clients needs, SGT 365 has incredible value in helping educate our coaches in the art of writing and coaching effective training programs. Studying the way Steve and Jared have broken down the training cycle both in the individual sessions, as well as micro and macrocycle, gives us another tool to keep our training leading the pack. Anytime you have an opportunity to expand your knowledge base and learn from coaches who have demonstrated they know what they are doing you should jump at the chance. In this industry if you are not getting better you are getting left behind. SGT 365 will make you a better coach, and you can’t ask for more than that. Highly recommended.

Dean Carlson
Training Director
Get Fit NH


“Necessary to stay ahead of the pack”

Group training and classes in the fitness industry continues to evolve. For years, intense large group workouts seemed to be a win/win for both the trainer (make more money in less time and help more people get fit) and the client (more affordable option, supportive social environment, etc) but not everyone was a winner. Many so called ‘personal trainers’ jumped at the opportunity to make more money which resulted in inadequate coaching and less personalization, ultimately injuring clients.

Today, “one size fits all” programs are being exposed by more educated clients and coaches. The best in the industry are figuring out how to put that personal training level of coaching into both small and large group classes. As a trainer, SGT 365 will no doubt give you the tools and resources necessary to stay ahead of the pack.  More specifically, SGT 365 will:

1. Help you get your clients better results by creating the correct program for them, getting away from the one size fits all programming.
2. Save you a ton of time, by providing you and your coaches with done-for-you systems to implement correctives and proper progressions and regressions for more personal program design.
3. Allow you and your coaches to better and consistently communicate to your clients what and why they are training this way.  Ultimately getting them better results through education.

Bottom line, we all need to continue educating ourselves and SGT 365 is a valuable tool to understand. 

If you want more clients, get your current clients better results.  This product will help you do just that making you a better coach and saving you $$$ on marketing.

Ryan Riley
Riley Athletics


“An extremely valuable tool to add to your toolbox”

Our goal as coaches should be to leave our clients feeling better than when they walked through our doors. Sure we could create you a cookie cutter routine for the group training sessions, but how is this going to help your clients?

If I have a large group of clients together I would rather have 20 individuals performing a routine that is best for them than a routine that is going to leave them in more pain and discomfort than when they walked in.

When the initial SGT program was released our programming took leaps and bounds ahead of where it would be today had we not utilized the SGT systems.  Now that Steve and Jared have created SGT 365 I will have another way to deliver amazing results for our group personal training clients.

This will also save me time and money as a business owner when I add coaches to the program.  This will simplify the training process for new coaches.   The coaches will be able to coach the clients based on the client’s needs using this system.

It does not matter how long you have been in the industry you should strive to learn daily. The SGT 365 system is an extremely valuable tool to add to your toolbox. Your clients deserve the best; why not learn from the best.

Heath Herrera


“SGT is an absolute must!”

When I started my bootcamp program in 2008 there were just a handful of other ‘bootcamp’ programs in the area. Now it seems like there is one on every corner, and the majority of them are not quality programs.

We have always been more than just a bootcamp program but thanks to Smart Group Training we will be able to differentiate ourselves even more from the corner bootcamp program.

Working with Steve and Jared has been an awesome experience and the SGT lays it out for you step by step, so there is absolutely no reason to not implement this into your programming and testing. Your clients come to you to get better, this is a systemized way to do that.

If you want to stand out and be the best training program in your city then SGT is an absolute must!

Jason Yun


“This has literally saved me hours and
hours of work!”

I have been using the SGT for several months now and it has really made a difference with the clients results and how I run my programs. The clients have noticed the difference in their body movements and have become more aware them as well. They see that they are moving more freely, becoming stronger and more flexible than ever before. With the FMS being formatted for group use was the best thing I could incorporate into my own programming. This program has allowed me to take what was once just a one-on-one screening to a higher level of manipulating dozens of people through in a very systematic, organized and efficient manner. This has literally saved me hours and hours of work!

I would dread having to arrange my group clients to come in only a few at a time to get their screenings done so we can apply the correctives properly to our training programs. This would literally eat up hours of my time as you can well imagine. Let me tell you, this is nothing short of genius! This system will free up so much time for you, give you the same results as the individual screenings and give the clients the necessary correctives to make you and your studio gym the talk of the town. This system separates you from the regular Joe’s, puts your clients safety and needs first and makes you look VERY smart. I love what it has given me, my trainers and my clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd for doing things right. I am unique, and you should be too. ;D

Kim Chase
CEO Chase Fitness


“Now YOU Too Can Plug These Proven Workouts Into Your Training Program,Get Your Clients Amazing Results, And Use Your Time More Wisely to Work On Getting More Leads, Building Better Relationships, and Enjoying More Free Time!”

Look; anyone who knows me, knows that the #1 thing I tell the fitness professionals that I coach is to focus first on delivering an extraordinary training program and service.  This, above all else, is the most critical factor for sustaining a profitable business…

Sure, you can get all kinds of leads with sizzle marketing, daily deals, and cheap front end offers, BUT you can’t build a profitable business with clients that stay, pay and refer unless you have a program that delivers RESULTS.  At the end of the day, your clients want to look, feel and perform better.  PERIOD!  If you can’t deliver the results they want, they’ll find someone who will…


SGT 365 is literally a year’s worth (or more) of training programs designed and laid out for you by the creators of Smart Group Training – Steve Long & Jared Woolever.  Smart Group Training has taken the fitness industry by storm and is turning it on it’s head!

Low quality bootcamps are popping up all over the place these days.  Even the big box gyms are jumping on the bandwagon with FREE programs…

You CANNOT compete on price!!  Instead, you MUST be the best!!!

Smart Group Training is teaching bootcamp owners and fitness professionals how to run their group programs with the same level of service and quality as personal training – yielding more income per hour and higher profit margins…

SGT 365 gives you 12 training phases designed by the Smart Group Training gurus, Steve & Jared – THEY’RE HANDING OVER THEIR WORKOUTS TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER!

And, that’s not all…


12 Months of Programs with Finishers

12 months of programs
including “Red, Yellow, & Green Light” Variations for every exercise based of the Functional Movement Screen so you can ensure your clients SAFETY & RESULTS – Plus, medical professionals are blown away by this…meaning you’ll got tons of referrals from them!




SGT 365 Video Library

A full video library
demonstrating EVERY one of the 300+ exercises included in the SGT 365 group personal training bootcamp workouts – eliminate the guesswork and ensure your coaches know exactly how to perform each exercise safely and effectively.





SGT 365 Exercise Database

Smart Group Training approved "Finishers"
you can incorporate into your group personal training sessions to make your workouts even more intense while still maintaining the quality that’s so important to you.





Red Light Poster PDF-300

Red Light Poster
that clearly displays the exercises your clients should avoid based on their Functional Movement Screen.  Clients really appreciate when this is made available.




SGT 365 Manual

The SGT 365 Manual
lays out the entire program for you one place. This manual can literally be the group personal training handbook for you and your staff – very professional!





SGT 365 Action Sheet

The SGT 365 Action Sheet
walks you step-by-step through the entire programming making it a cinch to understand and implement. Follow the checklist and you’ll be up and running with your new programs by next week!





“How Much Is It Worth To You To Have All Your Training Sessions Designed For You By Two Of The Best In The Business AND Get All The Tools You Need To Get Your Staff Up To Speed?”

You might guess that a program this in depth, with this much content (manual, PDFs, videos, etc.) would cost at least a thousand dollars, maybe even two thousand…

And, to tell you the truth, it WOULD be worth it!

But, as I’ve stated before and I’ll state again, Fitness Consulting Group is all about making the very best fitness business products, programs and tools available to everyone – even the start-up fitness professional. So, with that being said, we worked it out with Steve & Jared to offer SGT 365 to you for the incredibly low price of $299.95 – less than a dollar per exercise; less than a cup of coffee per session.

However, in celebration of the release of SGT 365, you can get it this week for ONLY $199.95 –
about the price of 1 – 1.5 months of a group personal training bootcamp membership…

Today Only $299.95
3 Monthly Payments of $67

**I understand that by clicking the “Yes! Add To My Order” button above I am agreeing to be purchase
Smart Group Training 365 for 3 monthly installments of $67 (a savings of over $98!)**