Ask SGT – Do You Use Kettlebell Halos?

Q – Hey Steve, how’s it going? Question for you on halos. Well, several actually.

Do you use them in your warm-ups or for shoulder mobility corrections? If so do you do them standing, half kneeling or tall kneeling?

For half kneeling do you go to both sides on one knee then change knees or only to one side per knee & why?


A – I use them in small group a lot.  I think they are good in large group also, but obviously it’s much harder to get feedback in large groups.

I use them standing, tall kneeling, and half kneeling.  If they have a 1 on the active straight leg raise, hurdle step, in line lunge, or rotary stability screens I have clients do them half kneeling. If they have a 1 on the overhead deep squat or trunk stability pushup screens I’ll do tall kneeling. If they have a 1 on shoulder mobility screen I don’t have them do them at all, which is why I don’t use them in large group general warm-up.  If they have no 1’s I have them do it standing or tall kneeling. If half kneeling I’ll test which side is worse and double or triple up on that side.

I don’t use kettlebell halos to correct the shoulder mobility screen, but I use band halos for that quite a bit. I just don’t’ want to put to much weight overhead and go through that range of motion with someone with a shoulder mobility issue. I definitely never use them if the client has pain on the shoulder clearance test.

Hope this helps!

Tall Kneeling Kettlebell Halo Video


Standing Resistance Band Halo Video

*This video taken from Smart Group Training with Bands


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