Getting More Referrals From Doing Less

The other day, my business coach emailed me asking me what is working well in my business.  Honestly, the answer should roll right off my tongue, but for some reason, I was at a loss for words.  I started thinking about all the things I do that I’m proud of, all the things I KNOW I do well, all of the things that have helped get results, and all of the things that generated the most leads and clients.  After reflecting on all the things we do well, I have come to the conclusion that much of our real success has come from the things we DON’T do.

How can one generate more clients by doing less?  Doesn’t make much sense at first, but just hear me out.  A majority of our success comes from doing the best practices and finding solutions for our clients.  Sometimes this means referring clients to someone who can better help them at that particular point in their journey to better health.  I try never to cross the lines with what I should be doing vs. what I want to be doing.

What exactly does that mean?  Simply put, I’m a geek when it comes to proper movement and doing whatever is necessary to get someone moving better.  I go to extreme efforts to be the best at my craft; I truly want to be the guy that can help mobilize joints with my hands, release trigger points at will, and cure cancer with the touch of a finger. That being said, I know I’m not the best person, nor am I qualified with the proper credentials, to best handle clients with those specific issues.  This is the perfect time to refer those clients to the qualified professionals who specialize in those areas.

By doing this, your clients then realize you care about their success, they get better results along the way, and you’ve helped establish yourself as a true professional within the community.

This process takes time to establish; it means you’ll have to work hard to find people you can trust and who carry the same belief processes you do.  You’ll have to wait until your clients start getting results.  When all of this is finally in place…YOU GET REFERRALS!

Referrals will begin to come from multiple directions.  Your clients will start referring.  The law of reciprocity almost guarantees that you’ll be getting a steady stream of referrals from the professionals you’re currently referring your clients to.  Their friends start referring.

Sometimes doing less, really honing in on something that you’re passionate about, and doing that one thing better than anyone else makes a huge difference.  The point here is to find your niche and provide solid results.  After that, start networking to find professionals who can help you and your clients.  The foundation is solid to move forward from there.  Simply start referring your clients to help them achieve better results, and the referrals will start coming in each and every month like clockwork.