Group FMS Time Savers -Improving your Efficiency with Group Screens

At Complete Fitness Results, we’re pretty solid when it comes to being efficient with the FMS and our intake screening process.  Smart Group Training has taken on the task of improving the efficiency of the screen, while cutting back on the time needed to screen multiple people at the same time.  However, this HAS to be done without sacrificing the ability to properly score the screen.  If the accuracy of the screen goes away, it becomes worthless.  With that in mind, we need a plan of attack to stay consistent with scoring while being very efficient with time.

Group FMS Screen

Here are a couple of tips I give trainers and coaches to help improve the efficiency of the screening process if screening mulitiple people by themselves:

  • Take Tibia Height and Dominant Hand Length First – This is a simple step that can be done very quickly by lining everyone up and knocking them out all at once.
  • Have Multiple Kits Set Up – Personally, I like to use 2 kits when performing a screen on 2+ individuals.  Even if you only have 2 people, this process will help keep the screen time down, and it also helps the other person feel like they aren’t being watched by the other person being screened.
  • Don’t Overanalyze the Screen – The purpose of the screen is to identify painful patterns, asymmetries, and dysfuntional movement patterns.  Don’t over think things.  The biggest time waster seems to be in the Inline Lunge.  Don’t be afraid to score someone a 1 due to lack of ability to get into starting position.  All too often, I see coaches taking way too much time trying to get the person in the proper start position.  If they can’t get there and get there fairly quickly, MOVE ON.  That stuff will more than likely show later in the screen anyways.
  • Line Everyone Up While Screening the Push Up – I don’t go into too much detail with explaining hand position and difference between where guys vs. girls start.  Just line them up on the floor side by side and tell everyone to start with hands at jaw height.  When you come up to a guy, instruct them to move their hands up a couple inches.  Works well and saves time.
  • Test Contralateral Rotary Stability First – I like to begin with opposite arm and leg first.  Being pretty picky with rotarty stability (most people are too lenient here in my opinion), I see if they can knock out the contralateral version first.  If so, sweet.  Now I’ll take the time to go ipsilateral and try the same arm and leg.  Roughly, off the top of my head, I would guess that about 1/3 of our initial intakes will get a score of a 1 on rotary stability.  If 1/3 are not even scoring 2’s, why waste my time with trying to get a 3?  This can be another big time saver.

There you go…some of my favorite tips in improving your efficiency with using the FMS to screen multiple people at once.  I can personally screen about 15 people in an hour, but with help, we can knock out 30+ per hour.  Not too bad if you’re running short on time.  Well worth the time if you ask me.