Group Personal Training – Posterior Chain Exercises

Does your group personal training programming incorporate plenty of posterior chain exercises?  The answer should be yes.  We actually like to put a major emphasis on using the posterior chain and working on all types of pulling.  Pulling big weights from the floor (deadlifting), inverted rows, and assisted/unassisted chin up variations are a staple of our program.  We really like to hammer home these powerful, closed chain exercises on a regular basis.

Most large group personal training classes incorporate a variety of knee dominant exercises (squatting and lunging) along with plenty of pressing.  Think about it…it’s really easy to program squats, push up’s, front presses, and split squats or lunges.  Most of these exercises can be done with little to no equipment making it very group friendly.  However, If you’re looking to be the best coach around, something like ease of set up and reduced need for equipment should not be a driving factor to your large group personal training programming.  Finding ways to incorporate more pulling or posterior chain exercises is a must.  Here are a few of my favorite posterior chain exercises to use in large group settings:

Group Personal Training – Posterior Chain Exercises

  • TRX or Jungle Gym Pull Up’s

  • Inverted Rows

    • Hip Thruster

    • Leg Curl Variations

    • RDL’s

  • KB Deadlifts
  • Chest Supported Rows