Hurdle Step – Performing and Scoring the Functional Movement Screen

With the next video in our series on performing and scoring the FMS we bring you the Hurdle Step Screen.  The hurdle step is another one the screens that you don’t see 3’s very often, but once again, that’s ok.  Check out the video to learn how to perform and score the hurdle step screen.

We are looking for the big stuff here. We want to make sure that someone can flex the hip while maintaining extension of the opposite hip in the standing position without loss of balance.  We are also looking to make sure the leg that is moving can function without major compensation.

If someone scores a 1 on the hurdle step, you know there are certain exercises they should not be doing such as sprints, high step ups, and most single leg work. This is especially true in the standing position. Usually if someone has a 1 on the hurdle step, they have a 1 somewhere else down the line in the weakest link hierarchy that needs to be corrected before you start working on an hurdle step corrections.

Check out our post next week where we will bring you the In Line Lunge Screen.