Improving Clients with No Restrictions During Group Corrective Exercise

After lots of discussions, I’ve realized that there needs to be a progressive way to improve our clients with no restrictions.  Basically, we give our clients the green light to train all patterns if they score a 14 or greater on the FMS with symettrical 2’s in each movement pattern.  So, what do we do with our clients during our “corrective work” time we have laid out for each workout?

Steve and I have been going over some stuff lately, and I have to tell you….I love it.  Following the heirarchy, if a person has symettrical 2’s in each pattern, we should refer back to Pod 1 (mobility) for continued improvements.  If the mobility pod is clear, we then move to Pod 2 (stability) for improvements.  This is a perfect system, and we use it with excellent results that are replicatable with anyone of our staff members.  Follow the system and get results.

Since these clients need something to do during our corrective time period, we had to come up with a solution to continue their progress and keep things interesting for them.  After some good discussion, we came up with a pretty good solution that keeps the non-restricted and higher skilled clients challenged and still improving during our corrective time period.  What do we do during our corrective time period with these clients?  Turkish Get Up’s!

Each one of our clients will begin to learn this movement while training with us.  We LOVE the Turkish Get Up!  This movement will challenge the best of the best, while improving their FMS scores.  It’s not that hard to teach if you have a system and process to follow.  Check out a previous blog post done about teaching Turkish Get Up’s in group format

After our clients begin to really understand the Get Up, we begin to progess them and really let them explore the movement to it’s fullest potential.  After watching Kettlebells From the Ground Up 2, we knew we had to get some of this stuff into our group training classes for our advanced clientele.  Both DVD’s are solid.  After watching them and practicing what you will learn in them, you will immediately see the potential it will have at improving movement within your clients.  You can get both DVD’s at  We highly recommend them and will be a great addition to your collection.

Our clients begin by learning the movement in phases.  After they begin to own the Get Up and are successful with the movement, we begin to incorporate what we learned from the Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2.  In this DVD, there are some amazing variations of the Get Up designed to improve hip mobility, shoulder mobility, and stability within the body.  The hip openers will begin to improve Active Straight Leg Raise scores.  The Shoulder openers do the trick for the shoulder mobility screen.  After working both of these, stability dramatically increases as well.  We have had some good success with incorporating these patterns with our more advanced clients, or our clients with limited restrictions.  The Get Up will challenge any one of your clients, improve their scores, and keep them coming back for more.  Give it shot and let us know what you think.  However, as with anything, you must first own this movement yourself before having your clients do it.  So, if you don’t already know the Get Up by heart, start to toy around with the movement and explore its capabilities.   You’ll love it, and your clients will too 🙂

Jared Woolever – MS, CSCS, TPI, YFS