Incorporating Breathing and Posture in to Real World Training

Breathing is a really hot topic in the fitness industry right now and for good reason. There is a lot of different information out there on the topic, and a lot of trainers are really confused on what to look for and how to incorporate breathing into real world programming.

I’ve been studying breathing pretty extensively over the last 4-5 years from some of the industries leading experts and feel I have just started to scratch the surface of what is possible with restorative breathing. Although the topic can be very deep I think what a lot of us just need to know the basic fundamentals of how breathing applies to your training programs.

The video below is an in-service that I did for the staff at Complete Fitness Results in St. Louis MO.  You will see how I went over the basics of checking breathing and posture in the 4 basic positions and some exercises that you can use to help progress your clients breathing patterns and posture.



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