Kettlebell Snatches In Large Group Training, Good or Bad Idea

A lot of people know that we love kettlebells, and a lot of people know that we are picky about what goes down in our group training.  That’s probably why we frequently get asked if we have our clients snatch in group training.

The answer is always the same. The same as the answer to the same question about any “cool” exercise.  “If they’ve earned it”.

To be honest, in a general bootcamp, there probably aren’t a lot of people doing snatches.  It’s just not necessary for that population.  Although, if a few of the group training clients has been instructed in either a personal training situation or one of our kettlebell workshops and we know they are proficient, there are times in bootcamp settings where we may have some individuals snatch.

In sports performance training the risk – vs – reward is different and we have developed a step by step teaching process to teach groups how to snatch.  We just break larger groups into smaller groups to be able to teach less athletes at once in order to be able to better focus.

It should be pretty easy to teach the snatch to groups of 6-8 depending on the people in each group.  We make sure that before anyone attempts the kettlebell snatch that they have no 1’s or asymmetries on the FMS screen.

In summary, the kettlebell snatch is a great exercise for those who are ready for it and those who need it.  If so, have have at it with one the funnest and most effective exercises on the planet.