If you are a fitness professional or sports performance coach that trains groups this site is for you!
Some say personal training is dead and bootcamps are the wave of the future.
Others say group exercise is crap and personal training is the only way to really get your clients and athletes what they need and deserve.

We know that you can have the best of both worlds! Group training doesn’t have to be a watered down version of what you would normally offer your clients. With the right systems you can take group training to an entirely new level. Stand out from the rest of the general slaughter fest bootcamps by getting your clients amazing results in a way that they will enjoy. Workouts that feel great and get results will keep your clients coming back over and over again.

Set you self apart from the norm and do the right thing by setting a new standard for your clients and our industry with:

  • Proper Screening
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Custom Exercise Selection
  • Proper Progressions
  • Individualized Program Design

Sports Performance Coaches we are here for you also, lets face it, you have limited time and a lot of athletes and group training is your only option. It is imperative to make sure that you are screening your athletes and giving them the proper corrective exercise and strength training progressions. We have witnessed a lot of different programs in our experience and have made a vow to help. We want to show you how to easily incorporate the same screening methods as the NFL Combine, US Military, and many professional and Division 1 teams.

There is no better time than now to take your group training to the highest level!
It is our mission to improve the quality and reputation of the group training industry.

Group fitness training is becoming a necessity, and if done correctly it can be an amazing thing. Unfortunately, most group exercise is very general, when the people it is designed to help are very specific. Group exercise injuries have skyrocketed and fitness professionals are getting a bad name. There are ways to get the same results as personal training if not better in group training. Smart Group Training is here to show you how.