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We Have Created The Most Organized Way to Assign Corrective Exercises for Your Clients to do in Group Training and at Home

Individualized Group Training Requires Organized Systems!

That’s why we have created them for you…

We are proud to announce that our newest version of the Smart Group Training Poster Series is now available! Our first resource, Smart Group Training Volume 1 – Screening and Corrective Exercise, changed the way group training is being done across the globe, and we are proud of that. However, since that resource was released we have learned a lot. 

Now we have available our first update of our original material, the new Smart Group Training Poster Series

SGT FMS Posters and Videos

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Some of the best coaches in the industry are using the Smart Group Training System that includes the posters, handouts, videos, and bracelets. It’s a simple process ensure your clients are doing the right corrective exercises in group training and working on them at home.


  • Screen the client
  • Demonstrate the corrective exercise
  • Show them where that exercise is on the poster so they can reference if they forget
  • Give them a handout of the exercise
  • Send them a video of the exercise

Watch this quick video on the Smart Group Training Corrective Exercise and Red Lighting System to get a better idea of how we do things.


The problem is creating all of the material to make it this easy! The good news is that with this resource its all done for you!!

You get:

check 3 Corrective Exercise Posters SGT FMS Poster Series
check 1 Red Light Poster
check PDF Handouts of all of the Exercises 
check Video Demonstrations of all of the Exercises


Today Only $150!

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With the new Smart Group Training Poster series we bring our latest “go to” correctives that we and our advisory board members have been using in our training studios. These exercises have been proven time and time again to work to clear the issues that keep your clients from reaching their goals. 

We have used the exercises that are easiest to teach and learn and also require the least amount of equipment. Most of the exercises are bodyweight or use bands so not only do you not need to invest in a lot of equipment, but more importantly your clients can do them at home!!!

Learn from our mistakes!! We’ve tried a lot of ways to assign correctives to our clients that actually make a change and failed miserably time and time again. You don’t have to learn the hard way, pick up a copy of the Smart Group Training Poster Series and become one of the world best group training experts today! 

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Its our goal to make group training more individualized and make it easy for other professionals to do just that. We’ve made your training better and easier with the Smart Group Training Poster Series. Enjoy the same client success that we have in our gyms with ease. 

Congratulations on becoming the best of the best in group fitness training. Your clients will thank you! 

Train Smart!

~ Steve and Jared