Rotary Stability Performing and Scoring the FMS

Our third video in the Performing and Scoring the FMS series we bring you the Rotary Stability. The rotary stability screen is one of the hardest movements to score a 3, and also one of the screens that is most commonly scored incorrectly.

This one isn’t as easy as the Active Straight Leg Raise Screen and Shoulder Mobility Screen because it’s more than just a measurement.  Make sure that you are scoring the rotary stability screen correctly by checking out our video below.

It’s that simple!

We make sure that all of our clients have at least symmetrical 2’s before doing most major lifts and especially any dynamic or power exercises.  Inability to perform 2’s on the rotary stability is an inability to control the “soft” or “inner” core, and the client would need more ground based core training before moving on to advanced exercises.

Check out the blog next week when we will bring you the Trunk Stability Pushup Screen to check that “hard” or “outer” core firing.