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Smart Group Training Volume 1




FINALLY, a done for you resource that shows exactly how to incorporate group screening and corrective exercise into large group personal training and bootcamps!
Bootcamps and group exercise are gaining more and more popularity each day, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of running a bootcamp or large group training:
More and more people want to workout and are looking for guidance.
The cost is much more effective in an economy that is less than stellar.
People can get in a great workout in a short period of time.
Group training is fun!!

The problem with large group training as we know it, is that it is a far reach from the quality of one-on-one personal training. Each person is unique and needs very specific training. However, group training is very general and doesn’t give each person EXACTLY what they need to get the results their looking for.

It is our goal to change that!

We understand that one-on-one training may be the best option for certain clients. We also understand that coaching one person is much easier than coaching 20 or more. On the other hand, just because one-on-one personal training is slightly superior, that doesn’t mean that your group training has to be a watered down version of good quality training.

The fact is, more and more people are becoming out of shape each year and going to the gym with basic movement dysfunctions that keep them from reaching their goals. Even if you cloned yourself five times, you couldn’t help as many people in an entire day doing one-on-one as you could in just one hour with large group training. If your goal is to really make a difference, then group training is a necessity.

The key is to throw away terms like “bootcamp,” “body pump,” “turbo ripper z,” and all of the other generic protocols out there, and start with a new vision. Large Group Personal Training is the wave of the future. It makes sense in so many ways, but the key is to make sure it is done right. And when we say right, we mean SMART.

Smart Group Training begins with a screen to determine the best plan of attack for your client’s individual needs.

How do you screen large groups? How do you implement correctives? How do you know if you are doing things that could counter the progress that you made with correctives?
Introducing Smart Group Training Volume 1 – Screening and Corrective Exercise

This is the first installment of a series of resources designed to help trainers and coaches improve the standard of group fitness and sports training. We are excited to bring you a resource that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your group training. Here are some of the topics we will be going over in this new resource.

 Screening large groups of clients
 Incorporating corrective exercises into large group programming
 Red Lighting exercises based on screen results
 Complete large group fitness training programming
 All of the done-for-you (DFY) resources that you will need to help you get this system incorporated into your business in as little as seven days

Group training can be an amazing thing when carried out correctly, and we are here to help make that easy for you.
So who are we and why should you listen to us?

Hear what some the top industry professionals have to say about Steve, Jared, and Smart Group Training…

“They say that hard work beats talent any day of the week but I say only when talent works hard have you found the unstoppable formula for success. Steve and Jared are two great examples of talented fitness professional who are willing to put in the leg work to create real change for their clients and campers. Often times that means doing things that many other trainers are either too lazy or unwilling to do such as assessments for group training. With this product you can see exactly what type of extra work it takes to separate yourself from all the other spandex-wearing, chicken and broccoli-eating trainers that are caught on the same hamster wheel they tell their clients to get off of.”

BJ Gaddour, CSCS
CEO of
Men’s and Women’s Health Contributor

“I’ve personally worked with and mentored Steve Long and Jared Woolever for a few years now, and these guys are serious about improving the fitness industry. Their product, Smart Group Training, is going to change the game as far as bootcamps go, and I’m so sold on the process that we’re going to be using it in our camps as well!

Quite simply, Steve and Jared are top notch guys with a fantastic product. If you run bootcamps, this product figures to be a game changer!”

Mike Robertson
World Renowned Fitness Expert, Owner at IFAST

“Steve and Jared are two of the top professionals in the fitness industry. They’ve both built extraordinary business by doing things the right way and, most importantly, delivering a great service to their clients. No one has put any more thought into how to deliver sound,effective group programming than Steve and Jared, so if you have the opportunity to learn from them, take advantage of it.”

Pat Rigsby
CEO – Fitness Revolution, Athletic Revolution, International Youth Conditioning Association

What You Will Get with Smart Group Training Volume 1

Smart Group Training Volume 1 is a complete resource to show you how you can incorporate the most comprehensive and easy to use screening and corrective exercise system, the FMS, into your group training. This resource also gives you everything that you will need to make it happen in 7 days or less!!!

Here is exactly what you will get:
An in depth manual with…

• Step by step procedures to show you how to incorporate the same system that Steve and Jared have been using for years to get their clients some of the most amazing results possible.

2 DVD’s that…

• Give you a step by step breakdown of everything you need to do to use our system

• Show you how to screen individuals using the Functional Movement Screen

• Show you how to use the Functional Movement Screen to screen large groups of 20+ in less than 40 minutes

• Teach you how to perform some of most effective corrective exercises that we have used over the years to help us make our clients dreams come true.

• Show you how to include corrective exercise and “red lighting” into your group training

• Much, much, much more!

A CD ROM that includes all of the Done For Resources that you will need to not only be successful, but to incorporate our system into your training in less than 7 days!! Such as…

• Done for you workouts and warm-ups

• Corrective Exercise Poster

• Corrective Exercise PDF’s for your clients

• Done for you emails and blog posts

• FMS Hierarchy

• FMS Screen Scoring Sheets

• Red Light List and Poster

• System Implementation Checklist

• Tissue Quality Poster

• What is Corrective Exercise PowerPoint to use for public speaking

You don’t have to work 50-60 hour weeks to reach the amount of people that want your services anymore!!

You don’t have to run group training that is a generic watered down version of the great training you know you are capable of in the personal training setting.

We have figured a system that gives all of the freedom that you need, all of the income that you deserve, and a much more rewarding and fun career!

It is our goal to improve the quality of group training everywhere. It is our goal for people to wake up each morning and feel good and be happy about the results that are getting from their efforts, and we need your help!!

Please join us on our mission to improve group training by implementing “group personal training”. Please help us make the world of training better! We need you, and your clients need you!

You deserve a better career and they deserve the best training possible without paying as much for training as a new house or BMW!!

We have the answers and so can you with Smart Group Training.

“I’ve known Jared and Steve for about 3 years. Without a doubt their dedication to our industry is that typically only seen in industry leaders. They are both extremely knowledgeable, alone, not only about group training and corrective exercise, but are well rounded in many aspects of fitness and performance training. Put them together and they are like a “Fitness Dynamic Duo”. Although I’ve been a fitness professional for almost 15 years, Steve and Jared teach me something every time I talk with them and you will, too. You can trust that anything that Steve and Jared do is a top notch, a great value and will help you improve your fitness business.”

BJ Bliffert
Full Throttle Athletics
Athletic Revolution Frisco
Co-Author of the International Best Seller “Total Body Breakthroughs”

I’ve been in the fitness business for over three decades and I can honestly say that Steve Long and Jared Woolever are two of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. They combine the world of academia and in-the-trenches experience to create workout programming that is second to none. I would highly recommend any product they put their names on.”

Greg Justice, MA
Co-Author (International Best-Seller) of “Total Body Breakthroughs”
Author of “Treadside Manner – Confessions of a Serial Personal Trainer”

“Steve and Jared are the dynamic duo of corrective exercise, especially in the group personal training environment. These are the guys that got me hooked on FMS and helped me incorporate it into my boot camp program. In 15 years of personal training and management I’ve come across and worked with several hundred personal trainers. I consider Steve and Jared to be two of the very best. They’re my go-to-guys for movement screening and corrective exercise programming. They should be yours, too!”

Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMS
President & Chief Fitness Officer
Chanhassen Fitness Revolution

Stand out from the rest of the pack and take your group training to the next level!

You can set yourself apart from the rest of the slaughter-fest, generic group training that exists in our industry today by making the investment in a top notch system that is proven to be effective, and can be implemented in 7 days!

Thank you so much for checking out our system and for taking your group training, and the entire world of group training, to the next level!!
~ Steve and Jared