Shoulder Mobility Screen – Performing and Scoring the FMS

For our second video in our series on performing and scoring the Functional Movement Screen, we have the Shoulder Mobility Screen.

This is another easy screen that just involves a quick measurement.

Shoulder Mobility Screen
Shoulder Mobility Screen

Just to reiterate from the video above, use these measurements to score the Shoulder Mobility Screen.

0 = Pain on the screen or clearance test

1 = Distance between hands is greater than 1 ½ hand lengths

2 = Distance between hands is less than 1 ½ hands lengths, but greater than 1 hand length

3 = Distance between hands is less than 1 hand length.

That’s it! The Shoulder Mobility screen is simple and a great way to make sure your clients and athletes can press overhead and do other movements that require T-spine and shoulder mobility.