System Upsell to Poster Series

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Let Us Make Things Even Easier for You!

The Smart Group System that you just purchased includes PDF copies of our famous Smart Group Training Poster Series, congratulations!

Some people send those files to their local printer to get their own posters made. This could cost upwards of $200! Other people elect to have us ship them posters that are already done so save time and money!

The SGT Poster Series typically sells for $150, and ever now and then we run a special for $100, but since we want to take care of you for purchasing the SGT System we are offering you the SGT Poster Series hard copies shipped to your door

For only $79.


You will never find these posters this cheap again. No way, no how, not now, not eva.

So if you want to make life a little bit easier and save some cash in the process feel free to add these posters to your cart!


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