If you want to Have The #1 Grooup Personal Training Business In Your Market This May Be The Most Valuable Letter You Will Ever Read...

Discover How Immediately Start Delivering A Training System That Blows Away Your Competition And Delivers Incredible Result To Your Client.

"Finally,The Plug&Play Smart Group Training System Is Available to You To Implement Your Business...Today"

Dear Fellow Fitness Profession

As You're Already Well aware, There Are Literally tens of thousand of Group Training and Bootcamp Program Avalaible Today

Pretty Much Every Market is saturated With Everything from Bootcamp in the park To crossFit Boxes To Health Club to Retitled Thier Group Execise Program To make Member Thing They are something Like Personal Training.

And that doesn't even begn to touch people Like us Who have Training Facilities of Our Own , Focused on Client Result.

And With The Visibility of these Type Of Program through years of groupon Offers,a non-stop barrage of Facebook Promotions and the sheer volume of program available most everyone has an opinion about what group training and bootcamps are...High intensity group execise classes that isn't too far removed from the workout you'd see in the group execise studio at the local health club that comes with free membership.

And That's exactly why prices have consistently deteriorated for group training over the past few years.From a Time Where Everyone Could Charge $199-200 per month now, when its common to see someone to offering The Program For Less than $100 bugs.

The Market Is Smart.They Know that if they're getting something that looks a lot like what they used to get for free as part of a Gym Membership, they shouldn'be paying an arm and leg for it.

But there's Proven way that you can deliver world class Training in a Group Setting and ascend to the premium spot in market.. and i'll tell you how in just minute....

Hi,my name is Steve Long and along with my Business partner Javed Woolever, we've developed the #1 Group personal Training system in the industry today... Samrt Group Training.

Like You've we wanted to deliver an unmatched training experience in our own facilities and as functional movement screen Practitioners, we also wanted to integrate the screen and the benifits provided into our programming

so we started on a ourney in our own facilities, developing training formula that we could deliver to our over 600 combined clients that blended group personal training,the FMS system and a variety of other componenets into a complete system that functioned like group training so we could still build thriving Business and But also provided Plenty of Industrial Guidance and rogramming adaptations so our clients would enjoy all the benefits that one-on-one training provided.

The result were astounding and Smart Group Training was forward to now,with now over 1000 fitness professionals from around the world using Smart Group Training System and our headquaters enjoyind so much success that i was even recognized as the 2013 fitness Enterpreneur of the year.

But while the growth of Smart Group Training has far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined, we’ve recognized that there was a need for us to make the System even easier for you to implement into your own business.

So now, for the first time ever we’ve decided to share the entire Smart Group Training System in one comprehensive resource that teaches you the complete SGT Methodology and provides you with a comprehensive training blueprint that you can immediately plug into your gym to start enjoying the same benefits with your clients that we have with ours.

Your Distinct Competitive Advantages

The popularity of group training is both good and bad.

It’s good because now people are conditioned to consider working with a trainer as an option when just a few short years ago personal trainers were only for the affluent. An enormous people have actually experienced some sort of coached training program due to the sheer number of them available and the cheap or free opportunities to try them out.

But it’s also bad because there are group programs on pretty much every corner and to the untrained eye they are all pretty much the same.

You need to differentiate your programming from the competition if you’re going to stand out and you need to have a reason to be able to charge more than your competition.

You need a competitive advantage…and the Smart Group Training System is it.

Your client will immediately upgraded

When you start using the Smart Group Training System you’re clients will start understand more of what you are doing and why you’re doing it.

They’ll become more interested.

And they’ll get better results.

Your clients will ‘buy in’ to what you’re doing because frankly it’s smarter than the run of the mill ‘get them tired’ workouts that 99% of gyms are delivering…

…and if they’re getting all of that, they’ll not only stick around, but they’ll become true advocates of what you do.

Let Us Program For You

Creating effective training programs takes time, but if you want to really be the best business in your market, it’s not something that can be done poorly.

So let us do it for you.

In the Smart Group Training System we’ve included 12 Full Months of Done-For-You Programing for your Group Training Programs and 5 Full Months of Done-For-You Programming for your Semi-Private Training Programs.

Now you can simply focus on the implementation of the System and coaching to it instead of having to churn out program after program.

Your Coaches Will Instantly Become Better

If you’ve ever had to hire a coach, you know how tough it can be.

Hiring experienced trainers means you have to get them forgo what they’ve done in the past and adopt your training methodology or you’re essentially giving them the control over the results your clients are getting.

But if you hire trainers with no experience…they’re starting from a blank slate. But by implementing the Smart Group Training System, everyone is on the same page. You’re in or you’re out. It’s that simple.

Plus, because this is not exactly a beginner’s type of approach to training, it will be really attractive to those smart, progressive coaches that you do want working for you.

And because your clients will be enjoying more success and engaged far more than in the past, it will raise the entire culture of your facility to one that stands apart and one your staff is truly proud to be a contributor to.

Your New Clients Level Up On Day One

In most facilities, when a new client comes in, it’s all downhill from Day One. In the beginning they’re excited, motivated and inspired. But then the monotony of workout after workout sets in and they’ve basically become nothing more than a face in the crowd.

With the SGT System, they’re immediately going to recognize a difference when they go through a screen and they start to understand that your training approach isn’t the one-size-fits-all stuff they’ve seen before.

Then, with our proprietary bracelet system they’ll have something specific to not only strive for…but something that actually ensures their progress.

And this difference will change them. It will change the culture in your facility. It will change everything…because now EVERYONE improves EVERY session.

You Will be to become the Premium Provider in your area

When you’ve got something that is visibly different and better than the competition… you can become the premium provider. Starbucks turned a commodity like coffee into a premium offering by changing the way things were done.

he Smart Group Training System will allow you to do that too.

The number of competitors in your area will continue to grow. Make no mistake. But you can separate yourself from all of them by delivering Personal Training in a Group setting instead of just another run of the mill group workout.

No matter what market you’re in, the Smart Group Training System will allow you to ascend to the top of it.

Here's What you Get In the smart Group System

In the Smart Group Training System you get a complete blueprint for running the Smart Group Training System.

We’ve broken this whole System down into 12 distinct Modules and tons of Done-For-You Material that share everything you need to know to learn and implement the complete SGT System in a step-by-step format.

  • Module 1-Introduction to SGT and the 5 Elements
  • Module 2-Element one Explained- The Functional Movement Screen
  • Module 3-Element Two Explained- Red Lighting
  • Module 4-Element Three Explained- Custom Correction Execise
  • Module 5-Element Four Explained- Progression And Regression
  • Module 6-Element Five Explained- Overdelivering
  • Module 7-simplifying Group Screening
  • Module 8-Delivering a Killer Group Session
  • Module 9-The Business Of Group Training (Part-1)
  • Module 10-The Business Of Group Training (Part-2)
  • Module 11-Semi - Private Training Solutions
  • Module 12-Addressing common Semi Private Concerns

You Also Get

  • 12 month of Smart Group Training Program
  • 5 Month of Customizable Semi Private Programming
  • Smart Group Training Poster Series(3 Corrective Posters and 1 Red light Poster)
  • Customizable Tissue Quality Poster
  • 28 page Manual to help Follow Along w/The Modules
  • Pre-written blog posts and emails
  • Implementation checklist to Make This a step-by-step, Easy to follow process

Rather than your standard testimonial proclaiming how awesome a company/product/program is, I’m writing this as an urgent message to all PERSONAL TRAINERS who COACH in a group environment.

Personal Trainers We are NOT group fitness instructors, If your business is simply about hosting workouts or “boot camps” that’s fine. Many businesses are successful doing that; just don’t call yourself a personal trainer. Personal training implies that the workouts are made personal for the participant. If everyone is doing basically the same thing then it’s group fitness, NOT group Personal Training. Oh, and adjusting on the fly when someone can’t do an exercise doesn’t count as personal training, althought it’s certainly better than nothing.

COACH A coach or coaching is about bringing the best out of people. Sure, you can fire someone up in a group fitness class and get them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do on their own, but you can NOT bring out the BEST in someone with a generic workout or workouts that aren’t part of an overall program. Exercise is good. Has a purpose. It has a direction. It’s based, first and foremost on an induviual’s assessment, and progressively moves that induvidual towards his/her goal from here.

This, my friend, is what Smart Group Training is all about. It eliminates the randomness of group exercise and allows you to be a personal trainer to a large group of people at the same time. It helps you be the great coach your clients deserve.

This may seem harsh, but if you’re not Smart Group Training, you’re dumb group training...

Justin Yule BS,CPT,FMSC
President and Chie Fitness Offier
Chanhassen Fitness Revolution

" There are numerous Factors that go into being a great coach that delivers great training sessions and great results. you have to be able to evaluate the client, create appropriate training based on that evaluation, and have the ability to communicate the ”why’s” and “how’s”. Smart Group Training has allowed our coaching team at Get Fit NH to do all those things better. Let’s face it; people come to us to look better, feel better and perform better. They don’t consider that moving better is the key to making all those other “betters” happen more quickly. The SGT system not only helps you take your FMS results and apply them to your programming, it teaches you how to communicate to your clients why all this “movement” and “corrective” stuff is so important to them achieving the results they are looking for.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is or how your coaching philosophy or style. Fat loss clients, High School, College or Pro Athletes, weekend warriors and everthing in between; SGT makes getting real world results easier. With “SGT: The System” Steve and Jared have kicked it up one more notch for the professional trainer and coach who wants to stay on the cutting edge and be the best around.

You can be another run of the mill trainer, or you can choose to be a world class coach. Implementing SGT into our facilities was one of the best decisions we ever made. Let yourself be coached by some of the best in the business, get your hands on SGT: The System today.”

Dean Carlson
Get Fit NH

Your Complete Blueprint For Taking Your Training To The Next Level

If you’re still reading this, you’re not an average trainer or coach.

You’ve set a higher standard for yourself and for the service you deliver.

And that’s why we developed the SGT System for you.

Ordinary fitness professionals wouldn’t care about any of this. They’d be satisfied with writing up workouts on the fly and as long as their clients are tired and sweaty at the end of the session…everyone’s happy.

But that wasn’t good enough for us and it’s not good enough for you.

We’ve developed the Smart Group Training System to raise group training to a higher standard…a standard that most won’t meet, but you will.

So use the Smart Group Training System to take your training and the experience you provide your clients to the next level. Be the Leader your market needs.

The SGT 100% Money Back Guarantee

Use the Smart Group Training System for the next year. Use the full 365 days of done-for-you-programming. Test everything. If you’re not completely satisfied with it at any time in the next year we’ll give you your entire investment back. It’s that simple.

This System works. We guarantee it. If for one minute you disagree we’ll refund your investment immediately.


When we created the Smart Group Training System, we wanted to make it accessible to any motivated fitness professional who truly wants to deliver an extraordinary group personal training program.

We know that traveling to one of our closed door Certifications or working with us in our Mentorship program might be cost prohibitive to some, we felt that it was critical to make the SGT System something that you could gain access to for an investment that could be recouped with just a single new client.

You can gain Instant Access to the entire Smart Group Training System for just $299 . Everything you need to implement the Smart Group Training System including a full year of group personal training programs.

Become the premium group personal training solution in your market and put the SGT System into action in your business today.

**this is a downloadable product.nothing will be shipped.

Still Not Sure?

You can try the SGT System for a full 365 Days and if it’s not the game changer that I’ve said it is, we’ll give you your entire investment back.

**this is a downloadable product.nothing will be shipped.

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