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Featured Exercise: Kettlebell Clean

The kettlebell clean is a great exercise for power and strength, but sometimes requires some finesse to perfect your technique.

Ever have trouble beating up your forearms??

Whether you are an experience expert with “kettle bumps” on your forearms, or you have never even tired a clean, we think you will like this video.

Check it out below:


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Changing the Lives of Others after Changing my Own

Steve here,

Christal Laswell is not only an incredible coach, but she has been a friend of mine since high school. Watching Christal mature from a HS girl to such a top notch coach has been truly awesome to see.

That is why we asked Christal to write blog about a few things she has experienced and learned along the way.

I personally got into this career because I was a client who became the trainer, so her story is really interesting and downright touching to me.

Check out Christal’s story and what she thinks of using the SGT system as a new trainer.


Changing the Lives of Others
after Changing my Own


It was my own personal fitness journey that inspired me to become a personal trainer… quite frankly, something I never thought would ever be. I was on the fast track to City Management, was far too busy for my own good and therefore, had only dabbled in living a healthy and most of all, fit lifestyle. However, it was not until about two and half years ago, after having twin boys that I decided to change my life.

Reactive Neuromuscular Training

I probably use different form of RNT (reactive neuromuscular training) more than just about anything else. RNT is a great way to help give your client feedback without having to coach rep-by-rep. Adding this tool to your toolbag will help you out dramatically.

I use RNT for several errors I commonly come across in certain exercises. We see a heavy majority of valgus, or knee cave, with many of our female clients. This is a great time to use a piece of elastic tubing to give you the result you’re looking for. Verbally cueing a client doesn’t always work. When your verbal cueing isn’t working instantaneously, give this RNT a shot. A heavy majority of the time we’ll see the body automatically adapt and correct itself.

reactive neuromuscular training

The most common faults and exercises we use elastic tubing for RNT (reactive neuromuscular training) include:

  • Valgus of the knee(s) with any squatting or deadlifting pattern
  • Weight shift with squats or deadlifts
  • Forward lean with squats
  • Locking the knee out on single leg deadlifts
  • Knee cave on step up’s

This list isn’t an end-all-be-all list of things you can use RNT for. I’ve gotten creative and found ways to use RNT with several other lifts and have had great success. Try incorporating this tool into your current training to see the benefits. I guarantee you’ll see instantaneous results while using RNT. This is by far one of the most common tools we use to get a desired effect with minimal coaching.

Check out the video below and see two of the RNT (reactive neuromuscular training) exercises we do on a daily basis in our gyms. Once again, this is a great tool and should be incorporated into your training programs. If you want more corrective exercises using bands, check out our Smart Group Training w/ Bands product. We break down the squat, lunge, push up, and several other common movement patterns here. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve the functionality of your clients (or yourself), check out SGT with Bands to find dozens of quick fixes to the most common movement dysfunctions. Fix movement, get strong, and get results.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you use bands in your training.



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