Top 5 Website You Should Know About

We hope you love the content we are bringing you so far.  We are very excited to be reaching out to trainers in subject matter that me know and love, group training.  We can only put out great content so fast, so we want to share some great resources that you NEED to be reading.  These websites are sites that we frequently visit and love. –  The is the home page for the FMS.  Learn about FMS philosophies, hop on the forum, or check out the exercise demo’s.  You can also receive an in home FMS Level 1 Certification from this site. – The best forum on the internet by far.  Great articles and the home of the strength coach podcast.  This on cost $10 per month, but is totally worth it. – Mike Robertson is responsible for teaching us a lot on the topic of corrective exercise.  Mike is all about the details and that is the biggest thing we have picked up from him.  He has on the most interesting and popular blogs on the internet and it’s a must read. – The Titleist Performance Institute is the on the cutting edge of golf performance training.  If you are interested in the topic at all than you need to be frequenting this website.  It’s a FREE website and has tons of articles, exercises, and more.  This is the beast of golf performance websites.  Check it out. – The premier kettlebell website.  Forums, videos, articles, and more.  This site is stacked.  This site is for the strongest of the strong comrades, enjoy.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We could list about 100 sites here, but we will share our all of our favorite websites over time.  In the meantime, if you’re not currently reading all of these sites above, you have some reading to do.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading our blog.  We can’t thank you enough for your