Training for Warriors Certification – Diary of a Fitness Seminar Addict

A couple of weekends ago, Martin Rooney came to Complete Fitness Results to host his Training for Warriors Seminar. This is a two-day seminar where Rooney teaches his training systems he has used for high-level athletes, fighters, trainers and fitness clients throughout his career.

I had hoped that by having Rooney at the studio, we could learn a few things from someone with a ton of experience, and get our staff members motivated at the same time. While this was accomplished, to just say that we learned a few things and got motivated would be the understatement of the decade.

Training for Warriors Martin Rooney

The Instructor

Martin Rooney is the man. I’ve seen lectures by Rooney a few times at Perform Better events and have seen many of the Parisi Speed School videos, so I had an idea of the kind of guy Rooney is. I was really hoping that through this event, I would find he was the real deal, and it wasn’t just show. I am so happy to say that Rooney is legit, and a real role model for fitness and sports performance professionals.

This man has done things like:

  • Gone to physical therapy school, become a PT and quit
  • Co-founded the Parisi Speed School
  • Was on the United States Bobsled Team
  • Is a Black Belt
  • Was a college athlete
  • Has coached 100’s of pro athletes
  • Worked for the Giants and Jets
  • Been the trainer and corner man for champion UFC fighters
  • Founded the Training for Warriors System and Certification
  • Is an author and lecturer
  • Is a husband and the father of four girls

Training for Warriors Martin Rooney

Although Rooney has a great resume, and knows a lot about training, it’s his great attitude and ability to inspire people to become more that really drew me to him. Being around him will make you a better person; he is a teacher of life, and truly cares about helping the world. I can’t say enough about the character of Martin Rooney.

The Content

We started the morning of day one going over the background of the Training for Warriors system and Martin’s training philosophies. Martin tells interesting stories that not only teach about the system, but also teach about life in general in the process. We mainly went over philosophy and assessment all morning, and I was captivated the entire time. I told Martin at lunch that it was the first time I had spent four hours straight in lecture and never yawned or checked my email at all. Like I said, the morning was four hours, but it flew by, and we were off to lunch.

After lunch, we started the afternoon learning the Training for Warriors Assessment protocol in hands-on format. While I obviously like FMS, the screening and assessment portion of the Training for Warriors Certification was still really great, and is a great way to assess people easily.

After we learned the screen we went over how to incorporate prehab into the warm-up and how to address common issues that most people experience in the general warm-up. I have to say the way Rooney runs warm-ups is amazing. The exercises are great, but it’s the way he coaches that really makes it something to strive to emulate.

Day two started with another great lecture. We went over the 10 Training for Warriors Rules of program design and talked about how to put together programs. Once again, another captivating lecture and more great information.

Training for Warriors

After lecture we went back into hands on. To quickly summarize, we went over the warm-up from the day prior and did a two-circuit workout. The workout was great, and once again, another learning experience that was beyond the exercises and programming.

Once everyone refueled, we did another quick lecture, and back to hands-on for conditioning. Martin took everyone through some “Hurricanes,” which were really intense and fun at the same time.

From there, we did a quick lecture on nutrition, reviewed the material from the weekend, and took the test. I’m now TFW Certified, and proud of it.

Three Takeaways

1) The experience is everything: Rooney makes you want to work harder and be better. He provides an experience that helps you grow and makes you want to come back for more everyday. That is also what he teaches in the Training for Warriors Certification. This is something that has always been important to me and something I always try to do at my gym. This has been reinforced even more now that I went through the weekend with him.

2) Tell stories: I’m always giving advice and saying motivational things when I coach, but Rooney takes breaks and straight up tells stories. There’s nothing better than just when you think you can’t take any more pain … story time! This keeps things interesting and fresh, which makes you want to work harder during the work periods. I need to do a better job of telling stories that make people want to work harder whenever possible.

3) Create an event: Basically this is another way of saying you need to have a goal with a deadline, but the way he explained it made it more of a mantra. I know I’ve never trained harder than what I did for the RKC. A close second place would be anytime I’m going to be on vacation somewhere with a beach. Either way, it’s an event with a deadline, with a consequence for failure.

*) Bonus Takeaway – Sprint more. 

To sum up, obviously I thought it was an amazing weekend. $500 isn’t the cheapest seminar, but at the same time it’s not even close to expensive. Most importantly, it’s a great value. I can’t put a price tag on what the impact of having Martin Rooney at my studio will have on my entire staff for years to come. I would definitely recommend attending Training for Warriors Certification without hesitation. You can check out the schedule for the upcoming Training for Warriors Certifications below:

Training for Warriors


Martin Rooney