Trunk Stability Push Up – Performing and Scoring the FMS

With our latest installment in the Performing and Scoring the Functional Movement Screen series, we bring you the Trunk Stability Push Up.  This screen is the most hated by our female clients, and by far the screen that we see the most 1’s.

Trunk Stability Push Up
Trunk Stability Push Up

This is more than just looking at a push up. There are some great set up cues, and details about scoring criteria that you want to check out in the video.

The trunk stability push up can sometimes be hard to correct.  It’s important to know, that if your trunk stability push up corrections are not working, it may be a good idea to re-visit some of the corrections for ASLR, SM, RS to make sure your client is ready to accept the trunk stability push up corrections.

Make sure your client has at least a solid 2 on the trunk stability push up before doing pushups from the ground, and more advanced push up variations.

Stay tuned next time when we show you how to perform and score the Hurdle Step Screen.