Why the FMS

We know there are a lot of ways to assess someone, but we feel the FMS is the best option to screen and assign corrective exercises to groups, and individuals. We have been using the FMS for years in a one-on-one and semi-private setting. When the economy took a turn for the worse, we implemented large group training. We knew we had to eventually find a way to incorporate what we learned from our many years of personal training into the large group training setting. Our large group training was just not good enough.

Why the FMS though? Why not use something much easier that doesn’t involve a kit or so much education? Why not assess on the fly and make things MUCH easier for the trainers and the clients? Well, here is why.


The FMS is a heavily researched and proven system of screening individuals and restoring their basic movement patterns. Restoring these movements improves athleticism and reduces injuries. We have seen a dramatic increase in fitness and performance results when we use the FMS Hierarchy, and so have many others. There has been a lot of research proving that the FMS system works, but that honestly only means so much to us. We know it works because we have used it for years and have watched it work better than anything else that we know.

It can quickly and easily be done in a group setting. Once we made the decision that we were going to screen the hundreds of people that were doing “bootcamp” in our business, it was just a matter of figuring out the logistics to make it actually happen. We though it was impossible to screen all of those people in a timely manner, but as you will see in Chapter 6 there are many ways to quickly screen large groups. We can’t wait to show you how.

It’s a system. The screen, the hierarchy, the correctives, and its sister the SFMA, are all pieces of the puzzle that make the FMS so much more than a screen. There is a comprehensive system to the FMS that can be as easy or detailed as you need it to be. The main job of the FMS is to assess risk, and from there you can use that data to create the most custom programs available, even in a group setting.

Sets a standard baseline of movement competency. The FMS is the only screen that we know of that provides simple movement scoring criteria. A baseline movement score can be collected and the system can be used to correct any dysfunction. This is important because we now know exactly which exercises are best for each client and what type of program will help them the most.. Let’s face it, group training is not for everyone, but how do you make the judgment call as to which people should and shouldn’t be doing large group training? We know that if you have four or more ones on the screen, smaller group or one-on-one may be a better fit. Even better, we have data and a baseline we can check to see if they are improving. How do you judge movement and correctly place your group training clients in the situation that is best for them? How do you know that what you are doing is even working to help them become more functional? With the FMS, you know what is going on with your client and exactly what to do about it.

Getting Certified Gets You Clients. Since becoming certified I have landed quite a few clients from the FMS website, and from being known as my area’s top trainer. The FMS approach separates me from the rest of the pack and makes me the high end trainer. I get and keep more clients because of the FMS principals.

We HIGHLY recommend that you get FMS Certified!

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Steve Long